Saturday, 21 January 2017

German minelayer Berlin seek refugee in Trondheim, Norway according to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf dated 5 December 194

An item dated London, England 4th referred to a statement of the British Admiralty reporting that the German steamship Berlin of the Norddeutsche Lloyd recently arrived at Trondheim, Norway had none mines on board. While she was fitted out for laying mines, feared the admiralty that the mines were thrown overboard in a random manner. All ships were warned that deep water earlier considered to be safe were now also potential dangerous.(1)

1. Launched at AG Weser, Bremen, Germany on 7 November 1908, converted at the Kaiserliche Werft at Wilhelmshaven, Germany for war purposes, commissioned as a fast minelayer and as commerce raider in October 1914, interned in Norway on 18 November 1914. Handed over as war reparation to England in 1919, renamed ss Arabic and broken up at Genoa, Italy since December 1931.