Sunday, 5 February 2017

Boilers of American battleship USS Maine in extre worse condition according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1909-1910 no. 6

An item referred to the Army and Navy Journal reported that 3 of the boilers of the American battleship Maine were in such a worse condition that the engine room personnel fled upstairs. On 4 August was the worse condition discovered. During the voyage of the American Atlantic Fleet were already her boilers troubling.

1. Of the Maine-class consisting of the Maine, Missouri and Ohio, preceded by the Illinois-class and succeeded by the Virginia-class. The original design was changed as a response of the Russian battleship Retvizan to be built by WilliamCramp&Sons, Philadelphia, USA which would be 2 miles faster as the original Maine-class design/ The Newport News Shipbuilding&Drydock Company proposed to lengthen the hull with another 6,1 metres/20’ and 60% increase of the horsepower. The US Navy altered the design as a result. Laid down by William Cramp&Sons, Philadelphia, USA on 15 February 1899, launched by Mary Preble Anderson on 27 July 1901, commissioned on 29 December 1902, decommissioned on 31 August 1909, decommissioned on 15 June 1911, training ship April 1917-November 1918, decommissioned on 15 May 1920, laid up, stricken on 1 July 1921, sold to J.G. Hitner and W.F. Cutler, Philadelphia to be broken up on end January 1922 and rendered as incapable for combat tasks on 17 December 1923 just for the breaking up started.