Saturday, 4 February 2017

Shorter 30,5cm guns wanted for Italian Regina Elena-class battleships according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1910-1911 no.6

Regine Elena-class

An item reported that the four new Italian battleships (1)were to be armed with 30,5cm L/46 instead L/50 guns while vice admiral Bettolo (2) claimed that the larger initial velocity of the L/50 increased the danger of exploding guns and the larger length caused the increased number of vibrations. During the budget discussions supported the department using the since 1882 accepted wire construction and suggested that except for the German navy all navies used this construction. The German firm Krupp was said to be testing wire guns. In Italy was one Armstrong subsidiary and there were hardly Armstrong wire guns seen. The Skoda factories at Pilsen, Bohemia, Austrian Empire (nowadays Pizen, Czech Republic) delivered just like Krupp only hoop guns and also the French factories of Le Creusot and St. Chamond delivered no wire guns.

1. The Regina Elena-class consisting of the Regina Elena, Vittorio Emanuele, Roma and Napoli commissioned in 1907-1908? Main armament consisted of 2x1-30cm/12” guns.
2. Giovanni Bettolo (25 May 1846 Genoa, Italy-14 April 1916 Rome, Italy), minister for the navy 14 May 1899-24 June 1900, 22 April-21 June 1903 and 11 December 1909-31 March 1910, ending his naval career 1863-1911 in the rank of admiral.