Saturday, 4 February 2017

The French navy reorganized according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1910-1911 no. 6

An item reported that in 1905 in France the directions for the submerged defence abolished with as result that the torpedo boat flotillas, submarines en mine defence became independent commands of which the commanding officer with the rank of captain lieutenant was placed under command of the naval prefect. Begin 1908 decided the minister of navy Thomson (1) that the in important flotilla centre the commanding officer need to be a captain, but this measure was not executed. One of the first decisions of minister of navy admiral Lapeyfrère (20 was that the supreme commanding officer of the flotillas at Cherbourg, Dunkirk, Toulon would have a rank of captain, just like the recently established submarine station at Brest and expected was also for Bizerte, Tunisia.

1. Gaston Thomson (29 January 1848 Oran, Algeria-14 May 1932 Bône, Algeria), minister of navy 24 January 1905-22 October 1908.
2. Augustin Manuel Hubert Gaston Boué de Lapeyrère (18 January 1852 Castéra-Lectourois, France-17 February 1924 Pau, France), minister of navy 24 July 1909-2 March 1911.