Monday, 27 March 2017

Damaged Russian warships arrived at Manila, Philippines according to the Dutch newspaper De Sumatra post dated 6 June 1905

Schemtschug or /Zhemchug

An item dated Singapore 5th reported that the Russian admiral Enquist arrived at Manilla, Philippines with the Aurora, Oleg and Jemchug with many wounded men on board. Losses on board of the Aurora 3 officers wounded, 20 sailors killed 83 wounded, of the Oleg 13 men killed and 18 wounded and of the Jemchug 21 midshipmen killed and one wounded and of the crew 12 killed and 30 wounded. More as 5.000 Russians were already taken prisoner.(1)

1. After Battle in the Tsushima Straits 27-28 May 1905? Russo-Japanese War 8 February 1904-5 September 1905.