Tuesday, 14 March 2017

New Portuguese destroyer Dao heavily damaged in collision according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1935 no. 2

An item referred to the magazine N.M.R. dated 6 December 1934 reporting that the new Portuguese destroyer Dao (1) during her trials collided with a Portuguese trawler causing a serious damage at port side above the waterline. She was built at Lisbon, Portugal under British supervision. During her trials was a speed of 38,47 knots achieved.

1. Of the Douro-class to replace the Guadiana-class and was based on the Yarrow design of the prototype destroyer Ambuscade built for the British Royal Navy, launched at the Lisbon Dockyard on 30 July 1934, commissioned on 5 January 1935 and not earlier as on 29 November 1960 stricken. Fitted out with machinery from Yarrows. The Royal Netherlands Navy used the same design for het Admiralen-class destroyers.