Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Preliminary design for an US Navy battle scout dated June 1915

In fact a large scout cruiser which was designed after receiving an oral request of the General Board on 12 June 1915 to come with such design. A battle scout was in fact a mix between a battle cruiser and a scout cruiser especially regarded the armament. Guns with a larger calibre then the ones on board of the scout cruisers designed the same year, but less heavy guns then the battle cruisers.

Normal displacement 27.000 tons and as dimensions 875’(waterline) x 86’0” (waterline) x 23’6”. Block coefficient 533 and longitudinal coefficient 561 tons. Displacement of 27.000 tons: 11.647 tons hull complete and hull fittings, 1.784 tons protection, 7.600 tons steam engineering, 1.014 tons reserve feed 2/3 supply, battery 834 tons, ammunition and 2/3 ordnance stores 794 tons, equipment and 2/3 equipment stores 810 tons, outfit and 2/3 stores 891 tons and oil fule 2/3 full supply 1.626 tons.
The turbines machinery and 7 boiler rooms supplied 76.000ehp allowing a speed of 35 knots and with a speed of 10 knots a range of 8.000 nautical miles.
The armament consisted of 4-16” breech loading guns, 4-3” anti aircraft guns and 2x2-21” torpedo tubes. The armour consisted of a main side belt with an extreme width of 18’0”, a depth below the waterline f 7’6”and a thickness of 4”. The barbettes were protected by 5” (heavy parts), the gun turrets by 2” (sides and rear)-5” (top)-6” (port) and the heavy part of the conning tower tube by 5”.

Naval History and Heritage Command Spring Styles Book 1911-1925 drawing S 584-079.