Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Preliminary design for an US Navy transport No. 1 dated 1915

Draw in begin 1915 to be used for ships possible to be built under the Fiscal Year 1917. The drawing is based in the ideas for the in 1917 completed transport Henderson which was especially designed fro transporting marines including horses and mules. The design is never realized.

With a displacement of 10.000 tons were the dimensions 460’0” (waterline) x 60’11.5” (waterline) x 19’10.5”. The armament was to consist of 8-5” quick firing guns. Crew was to number 105 men. Displacement of 10.000 tons divided into: 4.477 tons hull  complete, 600 tons hull fittings, 610 tons steam engineering, 140 tons reserve feed, supply, 104 tons battery, 118 tons ammunition and ordnance stores, 271 tons equipment and equipment stores, 623 tons outfit and stores, 1.812 tons cargo full supply, 1.200 tons oil fuel, full supply and 45 tons margin.

Naval History and Heritage Command Spring Styles Book 1911-1925 drawing S584-974.