Wednesday, 26 April 2017

American battleship USS Delaware launched according to the Dutch newspaper De Volksvriend dated 14 April 1910

An item reported that the US Navy was serious strengthened with her first dreadnought the USS Delaware, fitted out at the navy yard at Norfolk, Virginia. She was her largest ship and even 5.000 tons larger as the 16.000 tons measuring USS Michigan. Her crew numbered 917 men and the main armament consisted of 12” guns. As commanding officer was captain Charles A. Gove appointed, earlier commanding officer of the navy academy at Annapolis, USA.(1)

1. Laid down by Newport New Shipbuilding, Newport News, USA on 11 November 1907, launched on 6 February 1909, commissioned on 4 April 1910, decommissioned caused by the Washington Naval Treaty at the Boston Navy Yard on 10 November 1923, disarmed and sold to be broken up on 5 February 1924. Part of the Delaware-class consisting of the Delaware and North Dakota preceded by the South Carolina-class and succeeded by the Florida-class.