Sunday, 9 April 2017

Dutch inland pusher tug (ex-Neptunus 12 1978-1991, Lek 1991-2011) Waterlelie 2011- and Dutch inland tug Waterpoort 1962-

Sloehaven, Vlissingen, Netherlands 8 April 2017

Dutch inland tug Waterpoort 1962-

Netherlands-flagged, homeport Delfzijl, Netherlands, ENI 02203865, MMSI 245779000 and call sign PD2884. Built by Amels&Zn., Makkum, Netherlands with yard number 258 in 1962. Dimensions 20,12 (over all) x 6,02 (over all) x 2,12 (mld) metres, light ship 118 (empty)-151 (maximum) cubic metres and gross tonnage 100 tons. Bollard pull 9 tons. Speed 15 kilometres. Main engine 1-526kW/850 hp Stork Werkspoor 6 FHD 240 engine. Owned by E. Wagenborg Sleepvaart&Expeditiebedrijf NV and nowadays by Wagenborg Sleepdienst BV, both at Delfzijl, Netherlands. 
Dutch inland pusher tug (ex-Neptunus 12 1978-1991, Lek 1991-2011) Waterlelie 2011-

Netherlands-flagged, homeport Delfzijl, ENI 02320161, EU 2315214, MMSI 244710981 and call sign PB8981. Dimensions 17,11 (over all) x 6,40 (over all) x 2,56 (mld) metres, gross tonnage 79 tons and light ship 186 (empty)-223 (maximum) cubic metres . Fitted out with GM 12V71 2x360hp engines. Bollard pull 8 tons Built by H. de Haas, Maassluis, Netherlands with yard number 170 in 1978. Ex-Neptunus 12 of Smit Vos Zwaak BV, Rotterdam, Netherlands, sind 1984 of Smit Internationale Havensleepdiensten BV, since 1988 of Smit Havensleepdiensten Bvm Rotterdam, renamed Lek in 1991 of  Smit Havensleepdiensten BV, Rotterdam, since 1992 of Intertiver BV, Rotterdam, since 1999 of G.J. Eeerland BV, Rotterdam, since 2002 of Smit Transport Europe BV, Rotterdam an renamed Waterlelie in 2011 of Wagenborg Shipping BV, Delfzijl, Netherlands. Speed 15 kilometres.