Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Flattop ocean going heavy deck cargo Green Barge 1 2012-

Schelde off Vlissingen, Netherlands 26 March 2017

Owned and managed by Greenway Shipping (GWS), Trondheim, Norway. Singapore-flagged. Standard North Sea barge class DNV-1A1. Built by Dalian Shipyard, China in 2012. Dimensions 91,440 (over all) x 27,432 (over all) x 0,894 (aft) x 1,308 (forward) x 4,840 (loaded) metres an d deadweight 9.205 tons, lightship weight 2.361 tons, net register tonnage 4.050 tons and net register tonnage 1.215 tons. Deck area 2.508 square metres. Uniform deck load 25 tons/square metre.