Saturday, 8 April 2017

Huge British submarine HMS X I under construction according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1923

An item referred to the Naval and Military Record dated 16 May 1923 reporting that in England world largest submarine X I was under construction. Displacement 2.780 (surfaced0-3.600 (submerged) tons. The largest German submarine U 142 had ‘just’ a displacement of 2.158 tons. More details were yet not known.(1)

1. In 1915 designed the Royal British navy a submarine cruiser or in other worlds a submersible merchant raider. For the next years was nothing done with this idea until the designs of the German U-173 calls submarines came available. She was laid down at the Chatham Dockyard, England on 2 November 1921, launched 16 November 1923, commissioned in 1925, accepted by the Navy in April 1926, in reserve after 1930  and decommissioned in 1936 and in the same year broken up at Pembroke, England on 12 December. Her main purpose being a submarine cruiser to be used against merchant shipping became obsolete as a result of the Washington Navy Treaty of 1922 which such use forbade. The submarine was in fact a failure and with continuous engines problems spent the most time of her career at dockyards while being repaired.