Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Russian battleship Slava could attend celebrations due to machinery problems according to the Dutch newspaper Provinciale Drentsche en Asser courant dated 25 October 1910

An item reported that the commanding officer of the Russian battleship Slava was to appear for the court martial accused of negligence. The Slava was in September to be present at the celebrations at Montenegro. She stayed behind at Gibraltar while her machinery refused and the boilers appeared to be burned. Immediately was a thorough examination ordered.(1)

1. Of the Borodino-class. Building ordered on 30 January 1900, laid down at the Baltic Shipyard, Saint Petersburg, Russia on 1 November 1902, launched on 29 August 1930, commissioned in October 1905, participated not in the Russo-Japanese war due to late delivery, used as training ship for new officers after 1906, added to the Baltic Fleet after 1910, grounded in the Moon Sound Strait near the island of Muhu while she -being heavily damaged by the German SMS König- could not escape from the German naval forces and sunk by Russian destroyers on 17 October 1917, stricken from the Navy List on 29 May 1918 and broken up by Estonian inhabitants in 1935.