Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Sailors of the American battleship USS New Hampshire when returning from leave according to the Dutch newspaper De Volksvriend dated 6 October 2010


An item reported that a tender with sailors returning from leave capsized while underway towards their ship the USS New Hampshire lying in the North River off New York.(1) The tender was overcrowded with the more as 100 sailors when she capsized caused by the swell of a passing steamship. There were still no bodies found but an board of the ship were 28 men missing.

1. Of the Connecticut-class consisting Connecticut, Louisiana, Kansas, New Hampshire, Minnesota and Vermont, preceded by the Virginia-class and succeeded by the Mississippi-class. Ordered on 27 April 1904, laid down at New York Shipbuilding Corporation by Hazel E. Mclane on 1 May 1905, launched on 30 June 1906, commissioned on 19 March 1908, overhauled in 1919, used for training midshipmen in 1920, decommissioned on 21 May 1921 and sold on 1 November 1923 to be broken up.