Sunday, 9 April 2017

The new Spanish light cruisers according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1923

An item referred to the magazine Journal de la Marine reporting that the newest two Spanish light cruisers had a displacement of 7,850 tons and as dimensions 163,80 x 16 metres. The 80.000 supplying turbines were to allow a speed of 36 miles (doubted by the magazine) and an armament of 7-15,2cm guns amidships 4-7,6 or 10,2cm anti aircraft guns and 4x2 air torpedo launchers.(1)

1. The Blas de Lezo-class light cruisers consisting of the Blas de Lezo (launched 27 July 1922) and the Mendez Nunez (launched 3 March 1923) had a displacement of 4.860 (standard)-6.330 (full load) tons and as dimensions 141 x 14 x 4,37 metres or 462’ x 46’ x 14’4”, a speed of 29 knots, 45.000 hp turbines and an armament of 6x1-15,2cm/6” guns, 4-4,7cm/1.85” guns and 4x3-53,3cm/21” surfaced torpedo tubes.