Saturday, 15 April 2017

Turkey bought one and built another battleship according to the Dutch newspaper Het nieuws van den dag voor Nederlandsch-Indië dated 2 January 1914


Nrazilian Rio de Janeiro

An item dated Constantinople, Turkey 31 December 1913 reported that within 6 months the dreadnought Rio Janeiro (1) bought from Brazil and the battleship Rushdie (2) also under construction by Armstrong, England were to be delivered to Turkey.

1. Laid down at Armstrong, Newcastle upon Tyne, England with yard number 792 on 14 September 1911, launched on 22 January 1913, sold to Turkey in December 1913, renamed Sultan-I-Evvel, seized by England in August 1914, required on 3 August 1913, renamed Agincourt commissioned on 7 August 1914 and broken up in 1924.
2. Part of the Resadiye-class consisting of the Resadiye and the Fatih Sultan Mehmed, both to be built at Vickers, Armstrong Whitowrth. The Fatih Sultan Hehmed or Fatik and Fatihwas laid down on 11 June 1914 but never completed. The Resadiye also called Mehmed Resad V was laid down on 1 August 1911, launched on 3 August 1913, seized on 22 August 1914 by England and commissioned as the Erin in the British Royal Navy in August 1914 and broken up in 1923. Some sources claims that in 1911 was also the battleship Reshad-I-Hammiss ordered but the building was cancelled in 1912.