Thursday, 11 May 2017

British battle cruiser HMS Indomitable to be broken up in the Netherlands according to the Dutch newspaper Het Vaderland dated 4 September 1922


An item reported that the large British battle cruiser HMS Indomitable (1) dating from 1908 was towed from Sheerness Bay towards the Netherlands to be broken up at Rotterdam, Netherlands. She participated in the Battle of the Doggersbank against the German fleet.

1. Of the Invincible-class consisting of the Invincible, Indomitable and Inflexible. Laid down at the shipyard of Fairfield, Govan, Scotland on 1 March 1906, launched on 16 March 1907, commissioned on 25 June 1908, added to the Reserve Fleet in 1919, paid off in March 1920 and sold to be broken up on 1 December 1921. Building costs 1.752.337 (with guns)-1.761.080 (without guns) pound sterling.