Friday, 12 May 2017

German battle cruiser Seydlitz salvaged according to the Dutch newspaper De Tijd dated 14 May 1929

An item dated London, England 13th reported that the 25.000 tons German battle cruiser Seydlitz scuttled by her own crew at Scapa Flow was now salvaged and towed to the Firth of Forth to be docked this day at Rosyth.(1)

1. The German Emperor approved her design on 27 January 1910, building as the Cruiser J was ordered on 21 March 1910, laid down at Blohm&Voss, Hamburg, Germany with yard number 209 on 4 February 1911, launched on 30 March 1912, commissioned on 22 May 1913, scuttled by her own crew at Scapa Flow, Orkney, Isles, Scotland on 21 June 1919 and salvaged on 2 November 1928 following a break up in 1930 at Rosyth. Building costs 44.685.000 Mark. Preceded by the Moltke-class and succeeded by the Derfflinger-class.