Friday, 16 June 2017

Spanish submarine A-1 (1917) in 1925

National number 43, international call sign GSRC, first call letters EHX, launched in 1917, dimensions 45,60 x 4,22 x 4,27 (hold) x 4,77 metres, maximum displacement 380 tons, horsepower electric engines 500 ihp, horsepower oil fuelled engines 700 ihp, 2 screws, maximum speed 8,5 (submerged)-13 (surfaced) miles, fuel oil bunker capacity 30.000 litres, submerged range of 75 miles with an economic speed of 4 miles, surfaced range of 3.800 miles with an economic speed of 8,5 miles, with an armament of and 2 torpedo tubes and a crew numbering 18 men.

Lista Oficial de los Buques de Guerra y Mercantes de España 1925.

1. The Narciso Monturiol.