Friday, 16 June 2017

Spanish submarine B-3 (1922) in 1925

National number 48, international call sign GSRK, first call letters CLU, launched in 1922, dimensions 64,10 x 5,60 x 5,18 (hold) x 3,43 metres, maximum displacement 715 tons, horsepower electric engines 420 IHP, horsepower oil fuelled engines 1.400 IHP, 2 screws, maximum speed 10,5 (submerged)-16,5 (surfaced) miles, fuel oil bunker capacity 140.000 litres, submerged range of 124 miles with an economic speed of 5,5 miles, surfaced range of 8.000 miles with an economic speed of 10,5 miles, with an armament of 1-7,62cm gun and 4 torpedo tubes and a crew numbering 28 men.

Lista Oficial de los Buques de Guerra y Mercantes de España 1925.