Wednesday, 7 June 2017

British cruiser HMS Effingham lost off Norwegian coast according to the Dutch newspaper Nieuwe Tilbursche Courant dated 23 May 1940


An item referred to an official announcement of the British admiralty that off the Norwegian coast the British 9.770 tons cruiser HMS Effingham hit a cliff and later sunk.(1)

1. Building ordered in December 1915, laid down by Portsmouth Dockyard, England on 6 April 1917, launched on 8 June 1921, commissioned on 2 July 1925, modernized between 1937-1938 including rearmament, replacing the 2 funnels by one and rebuilding the bridge, wrecked off Bodø, Norway 18 May 1940 and destroyed by a torpedo by the HMS Matabele. Part of the Hawkins-class heavy cruisers consisting of the Effingham, Frobisher, Raleigh, Vindictive and Hawkins, succeeded by the County-class.