Monday, 26 June 2017

British survey vessel HMS Fantome visited Tandjong-Priok, Dutch East Indies according to the Dutch newspaper Dutch newspaper Bataviaasch nieuwsblad dated 2 September 1915

An item reported the arrival that morning of the British gunboat Fantome (1) at Tandjong-Priok, Dutch East Indies. She anchored in the seaside. .(2)

1. Cadmus-class sloop, laid down by Sheerness Dockyard, Kent, England on 8 January 1900, launched on 23 March 1901, survey ship 1906-1914, serving in the Royal Australian Navy 27 November 1914-14 January 1919 and finally sold at Sydney, Australia on 30 January 1925.
2. The Jaarboek van de Koninklijke Nederlandsche Zeemacht 1914-1915 confirmed the visit at Tandjong Priok, Dutch East Indies on 2 September 1915 and called her a survey vessel. At that moment was the First World War 28 July 1914-11 November 1918 going on in which the Netherlands was neutral.