Wednesday, 19 July 2017

German protected cruiser SMS Hertha visiting the Dutch East Indies in 1904

Sister ship SMS Hansa

An item reported that the German cruiser 2nd class Hertha visited Tandjong, Priok, Dutch East Indies between 14-27 December 1904.(1)

1. Ordered under contract name ‘K’. Of the Victoria Louise-class protected cruisers consisting of the Victoria Louise, Hertha, Freya, Vineta and Hansa, laid down at the AG Vulcan shipyard with yard number 223 in 1895, launched on 14 April 1897, commissioned on 23 July 1898, modernized and training ship since 1918, barracks ship since 1915 stricken on 6 December 1919 and broken up in 1920.

Jaarboek van de Koninklijke Nederlandsche Zeemacht 1904-1905.