Monday, 17 July 2017

The British and Australian naval shipbuilding according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1911-1912 no. 4



King George V-class

Iron Duke-class

Australian battle crusier HMAS Australia

An item reported that the British annual naval budget al for years increased. The budget 1908-1909 was 7.406.930 pound sterling, for 1909-1910 9.597.551, for 1910-1911 13.279.830 and for 1911-1912 15.0063.877 pound sterling. On 1 April 1911 were for the British Royal Navy under construction the following ships with between brackets the numbers to be completed on 1 April 1912), 10 (6) battleships (1), 8(2) battle cruisers, 7 (4) protected cruisers, 3(2) unprotected cruisers, 32 (29) destroyers and 12 (6) submarines. For Australia were under construction 2 large armoured cruisers(2), 2 protected cruisers (3) and 2 submarines.(4)

1. The Colossus-class consisting of HMS Colossus and Hercules, both laid down in 1909 and commissioned in 1911. The Orion-class consisting of the Orion (1909), Monarch (1910) and Conqueror (1910), all commissioned in 1912. The King George V-class consisting of the King George V (1911), Centurion (1911), Audacious (1911) and Ajax (1911), commissioned in 1912-1913. The year between the brackets mentioned is the year when the ships were laid down. And the Iron Duke-class consisting of the Iron Duke, Marlborough, Benbow and Emperor of India, all laid down in 1912 and commissioned in 1914.
2. Including the Indefatigable-class battle cruiser HMAS Australia, ordered on 9 December 1909, laid down by John Brown&Company, Clydebank, Scotland with yard number 26 June 1910, launched on 25 October 1911, commissioned on 21 June 1913 and finally scuttled on 12 April 1924. Perhaps is the other one the Indefatigable-class battle cruiser New Zealand funded by the government of New Zealand.
3. The light cruisers HMAS Melbourne of Town-class and the Sydney of the Chatham-class, both launched in 1912 and commissioned in 1913?
4. The two British E-class submarines AE 1 (laid down in 1911, launched in 1913) And AE2 (laid down in 1912, launched in 1913).