Sunday, 18 February 2018

American heavy cruisers to be tested thoroughly during manoeuvres according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1935 no. 4



New Orleans-class

An item referred to the magazine le Yacht dated 11 May 1935 reporting that during the large manoeuvres between 3 May and 10 June the modified 10.000 tons cruisers were to be tested thoroughly. The first range of 8 ships already needed intensive modifications. Recently was the aft ship strengthened to decrease the vibrations. Furthermore was the heavy armament of 9/10-20,3cm/8” guns blamed for the heavy lurching. The placed ballast seemed not to have solved the problem. Of the modifications used for the seven newest A-cruisers laid down since 1930 were high expectations.(1)

1. The Pensacola-class consisting of the Pensacola and Salt Lake City with a displacement of 9.100 (standard)-11.413 (full load) long tons and an armament of 10-20,3cm/8” guns laid down between 1926-1927, preceded by the St. Louis-class light cruisers built between 1902-1906 and succeeded by the Northampton-class heavy cruisers with a displacement of 9.200 tons and an armament of 3x3-20,3cm/8” guns, consisting of the Northampton, Chester, Louisville, Chicago, Houston and Augusta and all laid down in 1928, succeeded by the Portland-class consisting of the Portland and Indianapolis, both laid down in 1930with a displacement of 9.960-10.100 tons and an armament of 3x3-10,2cm/8” guns and succeeded by the New Orleans-class consisting of the New Orleans, Astoria, Minneapolis, Tuscaloosa, San Francisco, Quincy and Vincennes with a displacement of 10.110-12.663 (loaded) tons and an armament of 3x3-20,3cm/8” guns.