Monday, 19 February 2018

Dutch minesweeper Hr. Ms. (ex-Kalgoorlie 1942-1946) Ternate 1946-1961

Noord-Hollands Archief. Original source

Pennants switched regularly MV16 since 15 July 1946, PK3 since 15 September 1946, P since 15 January 1947, M816 since 15 October 1950 and F812 since 15 October 1952. Part of the Batjan- class or Ambon-class consisting Ambon, Banda, Batjan, Boeroe, Ceram, Morotai, Ternate and Tidore of the as part of the Australian Bathurst-class ocean going minesweepers. During the Second World War used as escort vessels and corvettes. Since 1947 were the ships used as patrol vessels, since 1950 classified as minesweepers but instead again used for patrol tasks in the waters of Netherlands New Guinea and in the Netherlands Antilles and Surinam and for the fishery protection in Dutch territorial waters. Since 1952 classified as frigates.

Laid down by Broken Hill, Whyalia, Australia on 25 July 1940 and launched on 7 August 1941. The former HMAS Kalgoorlie (J. 192) of the Royal Australian Navy. Commissioned as the HMS Kalgoorlie of the Royal Netherlands Navy at Melbourne, Australia on 8 May 1946, departed towards Makassar, Dutch East Indies on 28 June 1946, renamed and commissioned as the Hr. Ms. Termate on 12 August 1946. Since 1956 added to the Technical Training of the Royal Netherlands Navy (TOKM) at Amsterdam, Netherlands and sold on 21 September 1961 to be broken up.