Monday, 19 March 2018

Portuguese sailing 4 mast fishing bank schooner Argus 1938- (later cruising ship Polynesia)

Steel built by De Haan&Oerlemans, Heusden, Netherlands for Parceria Geral Pescarias, Lisbon, in 1938 and became part of the so-called Portuguese White Fleet. Displacement 820 tons, gross tonnage 696 tons, net tonnage 413 tons and as dimensions 56,60 (between perpendiculars)-61,70 (hull)-75,40 (over all) x 10,90 x 5,40 metres. Sail area 1.323 square metres. Nowadays named Polynesia  Equatorial Guinea-flagged, homeport Malabo, owned by Bimba Limited. Since 1975 part of the Windjammer fleet at Florida, USA as chartered by Windjammer Barefoot Cruises, Miami Beach. Converted into a cruising ship including rerigging. Auxiliary 475hp Sulzer diesel engine. Still existing in 2006.

The Dutch newspaper Leeuwarder Courant dated 24 March 1909 reported that she was to be used for the cod fishery off Greenland and New Foundland. On Thursday 23 March and Friday 24th March she executed her trials on the North Sea. Launched on Saturday 10 December 1938. Rigged along side the Parkkade, Rotterdam, Netherlands in February 1939. Another Dutch newspaper Algemeen Handelsblad dated 26 March 1939 reported that she acted as a mother ship for 60 small rowboats or dorries, which left 3 times the mother ship, setting out the lines with hooks provided with new bait and returning with the catch to the Argus where the fish was cleaned. The Argus was able to stay for 6 months at sea. In the double bottom was 127 ton drinking water stored. For the auxiliary engine was 70 ton fuel oil stored.