Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The reorganisation of the Brazilian fleet according to the magazine Mitteilungen aus dem Gebiete des Seewesens dated 1914 No. 3

Mineas Gerais

Almirante Barrosso


An item referred to the Revista Maritime Brazileira reporting the reorganisation of the Brazilian fleet. She was now divided in 4 squadrons. The 1st squadron consisted of the battleship Minas Geraes and the S. Paulo and the scouts Rio Grande do Sul and Bahia. The 2md squadron consisted of the armoured ships Deodor and Floriana and the cruiser Republica. The 3rd squadron consisted of the cruiser Barrosso and the torpedo cruisers Tamoyo, Tymbira and Tupy. The 4th squadron consisted of the destroyers Amazonas, Para Piauhy, Rio Grande de Norte, Parahyba, Alapas, Sergipe, Parana, Santa Catharina and Matto Grossso and the steam tender Carlos Gomes.