Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Ukrainian Ochakov naval base converted into a naval air station according to a CIA report dated 9 August 1951

An item reported that except for the 12 torpedo boats of the TM-200 stationed at Ochakov, Ukraine there was also a Soviet flotilla of around 30 small torpedo boats of the MT-S type called Malashis. With a length of around 10 metres and aluminium made consisted the machinery of 2-12.50hp Packard gasoline engines. Except for depth charges were the boast armed with 1-1,2cm machinegun mounted on the bridge. Lacking torpedo tubes was via a ramp the torpedo dropped into the water. To prevent being hit by her own torpedo by crossing the past was the boat immediately turned. Ten of the Malashis were berthed in with water filled docks while the remaining 20 were berthed in a concrete building suspended by crane hoists from a track attached to the ceiling. Inside the building was a ramp available for loading torpedoes. At the north end of the building was a large work shop available. The building was located just west of the berthing place for the TM-200 torpedo boats. The TM-200 torpedo boats were in June 1950 transferred towards Varna, Bulgaria with the Malashis to another yet not specified port. The naval base at Ockakov was now converted into a naval air station.

The report was published on, document number CIA-RDP82-00457R008100350001-7