Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Chilean training ship General Baquedano visited Tandjong-Priok, Dutch East Indies according to the Dutch newspaper De Preanger-bode dated 29 November 1900

The Engineer dated 8 September 1899

An item reported that at Tandjong-Priok, Dutch East Indies the Chilean school ship General Baquedano was expected to arrive about just a few days. She arrived at Singapore on 19th November coming from Hong Kong. The British newspaper Straits Times warned in the meantime the authorities at Singapore to keep the control while the Chilean crew of 316 men seemed to be quiet unhinged in the Chinese harbour. Measurement 2.500 tons and an armament of 10 guns. Another Dutch newspaper Bataviaasch nieuwsblad dated 28th November reported her arrival coming from Singapore with as commanding officer Wilson.

1. Launched by Armstrong Whitworth, England in 5 July 1898, commissioned on 22 August 1899, refitted at Talcahuano 1922-1926, training ship until 1935, decommissioned on 15 December 1959. Also known as La Chancha or La Baquedano. Displacement 2.500 tons and as dimensions 277 x 45.9 (extreme) x 25.2 (depth) x 18 (mean draught) feet. Barque-rigged with a sail area of around17.500 square feet. Speed 13,75 knots. Horsepower 1.500hp supplied by vertical triple expansion engines of Messrs. Hawthorn, Leslie and Co. and 4 Belleville water tube boilers. Armament consisted of 2-7,6cm guns, 2-5,7cm guns and 2 machineguns; in 1898 mentioned 4-4.7” guns, 2-12-ld guns, 2-6pd guns, 2 Maximum machineguns and 1-18” torpedo tube.
2. She visited according to the Dutch Jaarboek van de Koninklijke Nederlandsche Zeemacht 1900-1901 Tandjong-Priok, Dutch East Indies between 27 November-1 December 1900.