Monday, 2 April 2018

French cruisers lacking sufficient anti aircraft armament according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1936 no. 3

Duguay-Trouin class light cruisers

Jeanne d'Arc

Duquesne-class heavy cruisers


An item referred to the magazine N.M.R. datd 13 February 1936 reporting that the French Duguay Trouin-class cruisers (1) and the first 10.000 tons cruisers (2) had an insufficient anti aircraft armament in contrary to battleships like the Dunkerque (3)on which all around air aircraft guns were mounted.

1. Duguay-Trouin class light cruisers consisted of the Duguay-Trouin , Primauget and Lamotte-Picquet, preceded by the not realized Lamotte-Picquet and succeeded by the Jeanne d’Arc, with an anti aircraft armament of 4x1-7,5cm/3”guns.
2. The Duquesne-class heavy cruisers consisting of the Duquesne and Tourville, preceded by the Duguay-Trouin class light cruisers and succeeded by the Suffren-class, built between 1924-1928 had an anti aircraft armament of 8x1-7,5cn/3” and 4x2-3,7cm/1.5” guns and the Suffren-class heavy cruisers consisting of the Suffren, Colbert, Foch and Dupleix, preceded by the Duquesne-class and succeeded by the Algérie, had an anti aircraft armament of 8x1-9cm/3.5” cal 55 (Dupleix 4x2), 4x2-3,7cm/1.5” and 4x3-1,32cm/0.52”guns.
3. Dunkerque-class fast battleships or battle cruisers, consisting of the Strasbourg and Dunkerque, preceded by the Bretagne-class and the never realized Lyon-class and succeeded by the Richelieu-class built between 1937-1942. The Dunkerque had an anti aircraft armament of 8x1-3,7cm/1.5” guns and 48 quadruple 1,37cm/0.52” machineguns. In fact less than the Suffren-class.