Sunday, 29 April 2018

Japan building USA financed destroyers according to the Australia Station Intelligence Summary dated 8 June 1957

An item referred to a statement of the Chief of the Japanese Defence Board that the 2-2.500 ton destroyers paid for by the USA built were probably to be built in Japan. Their speed was to be 32 knots and the range with a speed of 18 knots was 6.000 nautical missiles.  Armament consisted of 3-12,7cm/5” guns, 2x2-7,72cm/3” guns and rocket launchers.(1)

1. Aikuzi-class consisting of the Akizuki (laid down 31 July 1958) and Teruziku (laid down pn 15 August 1958), preceded by the Murasame-class and succeeded by. The Yamagumo-class, displacement 2.388 (standard)-2.936 (normal( tons and which was financed by the USA Off Shore Procurement?

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