Monday, 16 April 2018

Naval shipbuilding at the Baltic Shipyard at Leningrad, Soviet Union according to a CIA report dated 4 April 1958

An item reported that the Baltic Shipyard [nowadays St. Petersburg, Russia] the slipway for building battleships apparently was not used while it was empty. On the cruiser slipway was a large hull under construction. On the stern was a large deckhouse being built and furthermore was worked at the midsection of the superstructure. Alongside the fitting-out quay east of the battleship slipway were 4-5 newly built motor launches moored.  Alongside the submarine fitting-out quay were 3 submarines moored of which 2 side by side. One of this two submarines had a step fore and aft on the conning tower. The conning tower herself had in the fore part oval windows or ports and something what resembled like a dome of Plexiglas. The second one lying inside of her was considerable larger and also had a step fore and aft on the conning tower.

The report was published on, document number CIA-RDP80T00246A041200530001-5