Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Royal Netherlands Navy wanted to buy Australian Bendigo-class minesweepers in 1945-1946

 Ternate (ex-Kalgoorlie). Source

On 1 December 1945 asked the Dutch naval liaison officer K.J.F. Krediet the British Admiralty Secretary sir Henry V. Markham that the Royal Netherlands Navy really would appreciate the transfer of 4 Bendigo-class motor minesweepers of the Royal Australian Navy. If a loan was not possible was a payment by the Netherlands acceptable.

In as second letter dated 16 March 1946 Krediet spoke about eight instead of four  if minesweepers as present in the Australian waters to the Royal Netherlands Navy. Krediet also wanted to know against which prise the vessels were sold. The Dutch naval representative in Australia informed Krediet that the present condition of the vessels was now 60%.(1)

1. The Bathurst-class corvettes originally classified as minesweepers but usually called corvettes used for anti-submarine, anti-mine and convoy escort tasks. Full war load displacement of 1.025 tons and as dimensions 57x 9,4 x 2,6 metres or186 x 31 x 8.5 feet. Speed 15 knots and a crew numbering 85 men. Armament varied. The Royal Netherlands Navy bought indeed 8 of such vessels commissioned in 1946 as Ambon (ex-Cairns), Banda (ex-Woolongong), Batjan (ex-Lismore), Boereo (ex-Toowomba), Ceram (ex-Burnhie), Morotai (ex-Ipswich), Tidore (ex-Tamworth) and Ternate (ex-Kalgoorlie). Some of the vessels were later handed over to the Indonesian navy.

National Archive at The Hague, Netherlands. Ministerie van Marine. Commandant Marine London 1945-1947 inventory number 3.