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Soviet naval movements in and around the harbour of Kronshtadt, Soviet Union according to a CIA report dated 29 November 1954


Admiral Makarov



An item reported that on 6 October 1954 off the Leningrad lightship three submarines were sighted going westward. One submarine with an estimated length of 80-85 metres had an armament of 1x2 maximum 7,5cm guns before the conning tower and of the after side of the conning tower 2 light anti aircraft (machine)guns. One submarine with an estimated length of 70-75 metres had an armament of 1x2 maximum 7,5cm guns after the conning tower and 2 (machine)guns on the raised deck before the conning tower. One submarine had an estimated length of 35 metres and none visible gun armament. In the harbour of Kronshtadt was a Kirov-class cruiser sighted while in the roads a ship was seen which looked light a large destroyer fitted out with a very sharply sheered bow and a square-cut stern. The cruiser which was seen at 14.00 o’clock towards Leningrad [St. Petersburg, Russia] was probably of the Sverdlov-class.

On 12 October were off the Leningrad lightship at 05.48 o’clock were a Sverdlov-class cruiser and a submarine sighted with an estimated speed of 20 knots. The propulsion machinery produced an unusually loud noise resembling that of an airplane jet engine. In the harbour of Kronshtadt were at 07.00 o’clock the aged battleship Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya (1), the cruiser Admiral Makarov (2), five destroyers of the so-called two-stackers type, several smaller ships and a not specified ship. Between Kronshtadt and Leningrad was a submarine sighed which could be similar to the one earlier seen that day. The main armament was 1x2 around7,5cm guns after the conning tower.

1. The Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya (ex-Gangut (1911) of the Gangut-class.
2. The former German Leipzig-class light cruiser, laid down in 1933, acquired by the Soviet Union on 19 December 1945, in 1954 used as training ship  and broken up in 1960.

The report was published on, document number CIA-RDP80-00810A005400350004-3