Monday, 16 April 2018

The Krylov Shipyard at Leningrad, Soviet Union according to a CIA report dated 4 April 1958

Van Stoom tot Atoom, 1961
Text G.A.J. Bovens-drawings G.J. Frans Naerebout

An item reported that at the western end of the Krylov Shipyard (former Marti Shipyard) at Leningrad [nowadays St. Petersburg, Russia] a floating dock with an estimated lifting capacity of 10.000 tons was moored. At the slipway behind was a nuclear icebreaker under construction.(1)

1. The Lenin? Laid down at the Baltic Shipyard in 1957, launched on 5 December 1957, completed in 1959, commissioned on 3 December 1959, decommissioned in 1989 and became a museum ship at Murmansk. IMO 5206087. Displacement 16.000 tons and as dimensions 134 x 27,6 x 16,1 (depth) x 10,5 metres or 440 x 91 x 53 x 34 feet. Fitted out with 2 OK-150 nuclear reactors , since 1970 2 OK-900 and 4 steam turbine generators resulting in a speed of 18 knots. Crew numbered 243 men.

The report was published on, document number CIA-RDP80T00246A041200530001-5