Friday, 18 May 2018

The provisional results of the Norwegian seal hunters of Tönsberg, Norway according to the Dutch newspaper Het nieuws van den dag dated 31 May 1876

An item referred to a letter of Mr. O.C. Berrum Dutch representative at Tönsberg, Norway who reported the catches of the seal hunting season until 12th April. The steamship Morgenen catches 5.000 old and 1.700 young seals, the steamship Mjö;ner 4.000 old and 4.000 young seals and the steamship Harald Haarfager 1.300 old and 6.700 young seals. After 12th April were the steamships used for whaling. Furthermore was news available about 7 of the 17 seal hunters for which the season was not ended. Together catces the seven vessels 10.400 and 25.900 young seals with an estimated medium value of 36.000 Dutch guilders. The estimated value of the catches of the Morgnen, Mjölner and Harald Haarfager were respectively 68.500, 68.000 and 491.00 Dutch guilders.