Tuesday, 12 March 2013

German shipyard Schichau building Russian warships according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad 1890-1891 no. 4

An item referred to the foreign magazine Engineering which reported that the Russian cabinet ordered the building of three ships at the shipyard of Schichau , Elbing and which ships performed well during their trials at Pillau meeting the contracted requirements.
The torpedo cruiser Lieutenant Kassarsky had a displacement of around 400 ton and as dimensions 58 x 7,5 metres. The triple expansion engines supplied around 3.500 ihp while the two Schichau locomotive boilers worked with artificial draw and 12 atmosphere. Completely fitted out and with 95 ton coal bunkered was without problems her medium speed during a trial of 3 hours 21 miles.
The torpedo boat Anakreon had a displacement of around 85 ton with the dimensions 39 x 5 metres. In contrary to earlier torpedo boats built by this shipyard for Russia were were her engines more powerfull resulting in a higher speed. The contracted speed of the earlier torpedo boats was 19 miles, of her 21 miles which she reached and held on easily during two hours.
The torpedo aviso Adler was a new design of the shipyard and mainly similar to the Italian Aquila, Nibbio, Talko, Avoltoio and Sparviero. With a displacement of around 150 ton were her dimensions 46,5 x 5,2 metres. The twin engines and 2 locomotive boilers supplied totally around 2.300 ihp while driving a twin screw allowing a medium speed of 26,55 miles during a trial of two hours. Her contracted speed was 26,5 miles something well informed sources thought to be impossible.