Friday, 20 January 2017

Argentinean dredger launched at Schiedam according to the Dutch newspaper Schiedamsche Courant dated Friday 2 March 1906

An item reported that on Friday around 08.30 o’clock the launching at the shipyard Gusto (firm A.F. Smulders), Schiedam, Netherlands the launching was planned of a dredger built for account of the Buenos Ayres Pacific Railway Ltd. The  edition dated the 3rd reported the launching of the steel built hull of a seagoing bucket dredger built for British account, just like the seagoing hopper profile suction dredger built for British account to serve in South-America. Dimensions 41,50 x 7,80 x 3,30 depth) metres. Fitted out with a1-350 ihp triple expansion engine and 2 boilers with a total heating surface of 120 square metres and 12 atmosphere pressure the necessary steam winches for manoeuvres and using the dredging facilities. Able to dredger 550 tons/hour from a depth of 11 metres and to load in barges. Lighting on deck and in engine room and hold was electrically. Intention was to go using her own steam engines to her destination.(1)

1. The seagoing dredger Tosca, yard number 312?