Sunday, 29 January 2017

Dutch frigate Zr. Ms. Prins van Oranje visiting Algeria according to the Dutch newspaper Middelburgsche Courant dated 26 July 1851

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Original url

Rijksmuem, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Original url

An item dated Paris, France 22nd reported that on the 11th the Dutch frigate Zr. Ms. Prins van Oranje captain D. Bijl de Vroe arrived in the roads of Algiers coming from Malta. The visitors praised the welcoming and the interior of the ship. On Sunday afternoon 13th visited the temporarily governor general of Algeria Mr. Pélissier her. He was accompanied by the prefect and the commanding officer of the French navy in Algeria.(1) The next destination was Gibraltar.

1. Ex-Waal, frigate 1st class, call sign GQSB, on stocks at the navy yard at Rotterdam, Netherlands by P. Glavimans Jz. In August 1828, launched on 16 May 1840, renamed Prins van Oranje in 1844, later guard ship, sold on a public auction at the navy yard at Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands at 12.30 o’clock on Thursday 6 Augustus 1896, sold to Mr. M.S. Sprenger, Amsterdam, Netherlands for ƒ 12.263,63, dimensions 54 (load line) x 14 (inner hull) x 5,8-6,3 (aft) x 7,13 (hold below upper deck) metres, 2.481-2.485 tons displacement, 60 (peace:30-30pd guns, 30-30pd carronades, 2-12pd guns))-70 (war) guns and a sail area of 2.170m2.