Monday, 30 January 2017

Dutch screw steamship 2nd class Zr. Ms. Marnix converted into accommodation for torpedo service according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1886-1887 no. 2

An item reported that the Marnix was being repaired at the navy yard at Willemsoord, Netherlands to be converted into an accommodation for the torpedo service there. The engines and boilers were to be removed allowing the complete holds to be used for accommodation. Below the poop deck were the saloon, bedroom, mess and toilet for the commanding officer situated. Amidships of the upper deck was a large deck cabin to be built for the sergeant petty officers, On the forecastle were the longroom for the engineers with 2 cabins for engineers 1st class and 8-2 persons cabins. Betweendecks was aft the longroom for the officers and 12 cabins, then the longroom for the sergeant majors with 1 cabin for a deputy adjutant and 7-2 persons cabins and at the front the accommodation for the sailors.(1)

1. Call sign GQNM, laid down at the navy yard of Amsterdam on 1 May 1865, launched on 6 June 1867,commissioned 1 July 1868?, decommissioned on 16 February 1886, engines and boilers removed and fitted out as accommodation ship for torpedo personnel at Willemsoord, Netherlands and commissioned on 26 March 1888, decommissioned on 16 November 1908, sold at 11.30 o’clock at Willemsoord for ƒ 19.003 to Oudkerk and Van Praag, Den Helder, Netherlands to be broken up on Friday 24 June 1910. With a displacement of 1.488 tons were her dimensions 60,60 x 9,70 x 4,90 metres. With a horsepower of 280 nhp/770 ehp was her speed 10 miles. Her crew numbered 130 men. The armament consisted of 2-15cm guns and 4-12cm guns. Building costs ƒ 677.007,55.  Served also in the Dutch East Indies.