Saturday, 28 January 2017

England forced to built more and larger battleships due to the arms race according to the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Handelsblad dated 17 March 1903

An item dated London, England 17th referred to a statement of Arnold Forster (1) in the British House of Commons at the naval budget discussions. He said that the high expenses were sadly needed due to the fact that other major powers were strengthening their navies. There were now 4 battleships added to the navy larger than any other battleship of the world. Three battleships to be built under the proposed program were even much bigger and their guns even more powerful as the heavy guns now used.

1. Hugh Oakely Arnold-Forster (19 August 1955-12 March 1909)(), Secretary of State for War 12 October 1903-4 December 1905.