Sunday, 5 February 2017

Dutch 3-mast sailing merchant frigate Amstel 1874-1885 and Barendina Osiria 1885

Netherlands-flagged, call sign NDCQ. Built for account of the firm Fa. Van Eeghen&Co, Amsterdam, Netherlands by Meursing&Huijgens on the shipyard Concordia at Amsterdam in 1874. Since 1885 property of P. Landberg&Zoon, Batavia, Dutch East Indies, homeport Batavia, Dutch East Indies-flagged and call sign TBRW. Stranded on the Corea’s Droogte, Java Sea, Dutch East Indies. Partly unloaded and refloated and afterwards sold. Building costs ƒ 266.529, contracted was ƒ 282.372 so a net profit of ƒ 15.843. Crew numbered 28 men. Measurement 1.595 tons (old)-1.425 (Moorsoms measurement), deadweight 2.288,00 tons and as dimensions 56,10 (design)-56,40 (measured) x 12,60 (on loadline outside wooden hull)-1270 (maximum) x 2,42 (at launching with 640 tons displacement)-2,96 (rigged without cargo and 898 tons displacement) x 8,16-8,64 (gold) metres. Contracted cargo capacity of 575 last sugar at 2.000 kilo and 575 last coffee at 1.800 kg so totally 1.150 last or 2.185 tons of 1,000 kilo with a draught of 7.10 metres. Iron built hull doubled with pitch-pine tightened with hard wood nails and afterwards coppered.