Saturday, 25 February 2017

Preliminary design for an American gunboat dated November 1915

Designed as part of the Fiscal Year 1917 program and based on earlier approved technical demands and wishes and the realization of the USS Asheville (1) to be constructed under the Fiscal Year 1916 program. The USS Tulsa (2) built under the Fiscal Year 1918 was built using a modified version of this design.

Dimensions 225 (waterline)-40’9” (waterline) x 11’3” and a normal displacement of 15.75 tons. Displacement of 1.575 tons: complete hull 797 tons, protection 8 tons, steam engineering 219 tons, reserve feed 2/3 supply 8 tons, battery 25 tons, ammunition and 2/3 ordnance stores 47 tons, equipment and 2/3 equipment stores 82 tons, outfit and 2/3 stores 120 tons and coal 2/3 full supply 269 tons.

The sustained speed was to be with 450ehp 12 knots and with a cruising speed of 10 knots was the range estimated to be 8.000 nautical miles. There was one boiler room planned. The armament was to consist of 3x1-10,16cm/4” quick firing guns (forward 1, aft 2).

Naval History and Heritage Command. Spring Styles Book 1911-1925 design S584-092.

1. Of the Asheville-class, ordered on 29 August 1916, laid down by Charleston Naval Shipyard, North Charleston, South Carolina, USA on 9 June 1917, launched on 4 July 1918 and finally sunk underway from the Dutch East Indies towards Australia by a Japanese warship on 3 March 1942. Displacement 1.600 (standard)-1.790 (full load) and as dimensions 73,51 x 12,55 x 3,45 metres or 241’2”x 41’2”x 11’4”.
2. Of the Asheville-class, laid down by Charleston Naval Shipyard, North Charleston, South Carolina, USA on 9 December 1919, launched on 25 August 1922 and broken up in 1948. Displacement 1.226 (standard)-1.790 (full load) tons and as dimensions 73,51 x 12,57 x 3,89 metres or 241’2”x 41’3”x 12’9”.