Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Russian armoured cruiser Admiral Nakhimov underway from the Dutch East Indies towards the Philippines according to the Dutch newspaper Javabode dated 7 March 1889

An item dated Batavia, Dutch East Indies 7th reported the departure of the Russian war steamship Admiraal Nakhimoff captain De Levron towards Manila, Philippines.(1)

1. Armoured cruiser. Building ordered in 1881. Laid down at the Baltic Works, St. Petersburg, Russia in July 1884, launched on 21 October 1885, commissioned on 9 September 1888 and sunk at the Battle of Tsushima against the Japanese fleet on 28 May 1905. Based on the British Imperieuse-class although considered to be a better design. Displacement 7.781 (standard)-8.473 (full load) tons. Horsepower 9.000 shp allowing a speed of 17 knots. Main armament 8-20,3cm/8” guns