Thursday, 9 February 2017

The recent impressive British naval shipbuilding according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1938 no. 5

An item referred to the magazine le Yacht dated 19 March 1938 reported the continue increase of the shipbuilding for the British Royal Navy/ On 1 January 1935 was 139.345 tons under construction, in 1936 291.925 tons, 1937 375.740 tons and on 1 January 1938 even 547.014 tons. The budget year 1938-1939 mentioned the commissioning of 60 ships with a total tonnage of 130.000 tons. A decision which qualities were needed for the new to be built battleships was delayed until the discussions with France and the USA were rounded. The new building plan consisted of 2 battleships, 1 aircraft carrier, 4 large cruisers, 3 small cruisers, 3 submarines, 3 minelayers, 2 river gunboats, 1 mother ship for destroyers, 1 mother ship for submarines, 1 maintenance ship for the naval air force, 2 barrage guard vessels and further more tugs and motor torpedo boats. Despite this ambitious plan was the total tonnage of 150.000 tons far less of the tonnage under the budget year 1937-1938 which was 250.000 tons. The reporter found the lacking of new building of destroyers at least curious. In the past year was however a large number built and possessed the navy nowadays over 15 flotillas modern destroyers in service or under construction not including the destroyers under the 1937 program which were yet not even ordered.