Tuesday, 21 March 2017

American heavy cruiser USS Kansas City (CA-128) 1945


Oregon City-class

Laid down at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard on 9 July 1945, further completion cancelled on 12 August 1945 and broken up still on the slip.

Oregon City-class consisting of the Oregon City, Albany, Rochester, Northampton, Cambridge, Bridgeport, Kansas City, Tulsa, Norfolk and Scranton, preceded by the Baltimore-class and succeeded by the Des Moines –class. Modified Baltimore-class design. The superstructure was more compact and fitted out with a single trunked funnel to be able to increase the fire range arcs of the anti aircraft armament.

Common technical class specifications. Displacement 13.260 tons (standard) and as dimensions 205,26 x 21,59 x 8,03 metres or 673’5”x 70’10” x 26’4”. The machinery consisted of General Electric turbines delivering 120.000 ship to make a speed of 32,4 knots possible. The crew numbered 1.142 men (included officers). Except for the 4 scout floating planes they carry with them, consisted the armament of 3x3-20,3cm/8” /55 cal guns, 6x2-12,7cm/5” /38 cal guns, 48-4cm/1.57” Bofors guns and 20-2cm/0.78” Oerlikon cannons.