Friday, 10 March 2017

Dutch pilot station ship Banka for sale at Surabaya, Dutch East Indies according to the Dutch newspaper Soerabaijasch handelsblad dated 1 March 1889

An announcement reported the public auction on Saturday 16 March 10.00 o’clock at the naval establishment at Surabaya, Dutch East Indies of the condemned steam warship Zr. Ms. Banka, lately serving as pilot station ship in the Oostervaarwater of Surabaya. She was built of iron and to be sold with boilers, part of the engine and her inventory except for the mooring chains. There were none conditions to break up. Further more were two condemned so-called advice boats to be sold.(1)

1. Paddle steamship 3rd class, call sign GQDB, iron-built, on stocks at the shipyard of the Kon. Fabriek etc., Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1866, launched in 1867, decommissioned on 18 August 1886, converted into a pilot station ship for the Oostervaarwater of Surabaya, Dutch East Indies as replacement of the Timor, displacement 1.070 tons, dimensions 52,9 x 8,8-15,28 (over paddle wheels) x 5,6 metres, horsepower 200 hp, an armament of 2 medium 30pd guns and 2-rifled 16cm guns and a crew numbering 100-122 men (1885: 92 Europeans, 30 natives).