Thursday, 9 March 2017

French warships arriving at Gibraltar according to the Dutch newspaper Soerabaijasch handelsblad dated 29 April 939


An item dated Gibraltar 28th reported the arrival of 5 more French battleships that day including the 22.000 tons battleship Provence (1). There were even more warships expected.

1. Of the Bretagne-class. Laid down by Arsenal de Lorient on 1 May 1912, launched on 20 April 1913, completed in June 1915, commissioned on 1 March 1916, scuttled by the French on 27 November 1942, salvaged by the Germans in July 1943, scuttled by the Germans as block ship at Toulon, France in 1944, raised again in April 1949 and finally sold to be broken up.