Wednesday, 1 March 2017

German torpedo boat S 126 sunk after collision with the SM Undine according to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf dated 19 November 1905

An item dated Kiel, Germany 18th reported that the evening before at 20.45 o’clock in the Kieler Bough the German torpedo boat S 126 and the cruiser Undine collided. The torpedo boat division was executing nightly exercises against the Undine which had no lights on. Probably blinded by the searchlight appeared the S 126 before the bow of the Undine and collided. The S 126 sunk and the exploding boiler seems to be responsible for the large number of missing crewmembers. On board of the Undine was the division commander, the commander and 2 officers of the watch slightly wounded. She was now lying near the wreck waiting for support. At 05.45 o’clock left a tug the shipyard met divers and the cruisers Munchen and Nymphe were to follow with even more divers.